Hi, I’m George Doubinski. Microsoft Business Applications MVP. Architect. Coder. Author. Blogger. Speaker. Trainer. Specialist in all things difficult for Microsoft Power platform and Dynamics 365.

If you cannot find me online committing code to github, poking https://crmtipoftheday.com, or talking on https://crm.audio, it must be a rare occasion when I sleep, spend time with the family or travel from A to B.

The Enabler

The Enabler

The Enabler was born during the anniversary episode of CRM Audio. We were talking about superheros and who would we be. (What else is there to discuss with Shawn Tabor - I know very little about Dynamics 365 Field Service).

The closest “real” superhero would be Domino with her subconscious telekinetic probability manipulation. In other words, her skill is luck, as graphically demonstrated in Deadpool 2.

The Enabler is a superhero who does not have any specific skills. Instead, in his presence, other people who think of themselves as ordinary, acquire super powers and become capable of achieving the greater things.

To paraphrase George Bernard Show’s quote1

He who can, does

He who cannot, teaches

He who cannot teach, manages

He who cannot manage, enables

In the world of business applications, The Enabler doesn’t necessarily create or implement the solutions. Instead, he empowers others with the knowledge and ideas so that their super skills come to life.

And I don’t believe for a second that anyone who chooses the Power Platform, cannot be a superhero.

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